Highly efficient book Marketing tactics for Indie Authors!

Being an indie author can be a very difficult prospect because of the lack of support and resources from well-established publishing houses. But one aspect of the book publishing process that makes it really difficult is the book marketing aspect. This is because the lack of connections and book marketing knowledge can make it a nightmare for most indie authors. But it that does not mean that it is impossible to successfully market your book. All you really need are the marketing tactics to follow and to utilize them as efficiently as possible. Here is a list of highly efficient book marketing tactics for indie authors.

  1. Do your research on the book marketing process

Before you set out on your book marketing campaign you should make sure to do your research on the book marketing process. Luckily for indie authors in this internet crazy world it is so much easier to get information. Now you can do your research and find out how to effectively market your book. You can also contact other indie authors and ask them for their methods and marketing tactics. If you are starting on your self-publishing journey for the first time you should research as much as you can about the book publishing process.  This includes the minutest aspects of the book marketing process from getting an ISBN for your book to getting your book published at the cheapest price possible. All in all, doing your research will really help you to get your bearings during the publishing process.

  1. Know your target market

Before you make your marketing tactics you should know your target market. By knowing your target market you will be able to craft your marketing tactics according to their needs. This will allow you to steer clear of unnecessary expenses and prevent you from wasting your energy on marketing strategies that would not work. It will also allow you to efficiently market your book to the right market and reach your book’s true marketing potential.

  1. Scout out the competition

The same way you should know your target market, you should also make it a point to scout out your book’s niche market. Because like any niche market your book will always encounter competition. This is why you should do your best to scout out your competition. For example you are writing a historical fiction novel and you know that there are a lot of great authors already established in this genre. So you should do your research on them. It is always a good idea to get information on whether they are writing new books, what their books are about and when they are going to release the books. That way you can avoid embarrassing and potentially damaging mistakes as having the same type of book as theirs or releasing your book on the same month as theirs. Remember that if you truly want to do well on your book marketing, then you should get as many advantages as possible.

  1. Utilize Social Media as much as possible

No other type of media has been more potent than social media in the past few years. Social media has become the most used media form in the world. Almost everyone in the world has a media account one way or another. So it is always a good idea to utilize social media during your book promotion campaign. One of the best social media options to use is Facebook because practically everyone has an account and you can use it to spread word of your book. You can also have Facebook friends post advertisements of your book through their own accounts. That way you will be able to double your book promotion reach without having to spread a great deal of money.  You can also try other forms of social media such as Twitter where you can constantly Tweet about your book and keep it in the public eye. You can also use other more specific social media sites such as Instagram and LinkedIn to enhance and supplement your book promotion.

  1. Create a great book marketing platform

As a self-publishing author you will know how difficult it is to make a name for yourself in the literary scene. There will be authors there who are already well known and this will make it difficult for you to make an impression with fans. Which is why it is important that you have an effective marketing platform to reach out to potential fans. One of the best book marketing platforms for indie writers are author bog sites. By creating your very own author blog site you are literally creating a foundation point from where you can implement your book marketing strategies from. You can also post content that will draw potential readers to you. There is also the added advantage of being easy to find online and keeping in touch with your existing fan base. Think of your marketing platform as your base of operations from which to implement your marketing strategies.

  1. Have the right attitude

All in all book marketing is a very hectic and complicated endeavor, and the fact that you are an indie writer will only make this more difficult. This is why you should have the right attitude when you set out on being an indie writer. You should accept that you will be pushed to your limits during the process and that it is through your own hard work and determination that you will succeed.


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