6 Important Tips on How to Promote A Self-Published Book!

When it comes to self-publishing a book there is nothing more difficult than the book promotion process. This is because there are so many facets of the book promotion process that could go wrong if not done correctly and each facet will ultimately affect your book’s future success. This is especially true for self-published authors because they lack the necessary resources to properly promote their books.  This is why you should have an efficient and easy to follow plan on promoting your book effectively. Here are 6 great tips on how to effectively promote your self-published book.

  1. Know your target market

Before you even think of writing a book, you should already know who your target market is. It all really depends on your chosen genre and the group of people you think it will appeal to the most. That way, once you do release your book you will know right away which demographic you want to target. This will save you a lot of effort and time and allow you to efficiently create a fitting promotional strategy. To promote a self-published book is like taking a leap of faith, there is always a risk involved. So it is important that you minimize the risk by having a set book promotion strategy.

  1. Create a good reputation for yourself as a writer

It is important that you create a good reputation for yourself as a writer, long before you even write your book. This way you will already have a following when you do release your book. Having a following will enhance your book’s chances of being sold a great deal. One way of creating a good reputation as a writer is contributing articles to well-known forums and publications that are related to your chosen genre. This will allow you to make an impact with your target market and enhance your book’s discoverability.

  1. Set up a great author platform

In this internet dependent age promoting a self-published book is more easy and effective. This is because we no longer need to rely on the more expensive traditional methods of book promotion. All you truly need now is a good author platform and you can efficiently promote your book through the internet. One way of setting up an author platform is to create an author blog for yourself. This will allow you to reach out to more potential fans and keep in touch with them. Your author blog site will give you the discoverability you sorely need. It will also allow you to promote your self-published book without having to spend a great deal of money. Through your author platform you can also sell your book and keep your fan base informed when you make a new book.

  1. Use Social Media extensively

Aside from having a blog site, one way of using the internet to promote your self-published book is to use social media extensively. Social media is by far the most potent form of advertising in this day and age. This is because almost everyone in the world is using social media in one way or another. So if you want to effectively promote your self-published book you will have to tap into this potential media form. You can start your social media book campaign by using Facebook as a starting point. You can use your Facebook account to spread word of your book. You can also have your Facebook friend’s posts advertisements of your book through their own account. That way you can double your chances of selling your book.  You can also use other social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

  1. Word of mouth marketing is key

One of the most effective yet underrated form of marketing is word of mouth marketing. This is because people tend to trust advice or suggestions from a respected and trusted source. So if you want to effectively promote your book, it is very important that you continuously strive to give your book a good reputation as a book worthy of being read. You should also make sure to stir a certain buzz with well-known critics.

  1. Create great content

Creating a truly good book is the most important aspect of book promotion. This is because no amount of funding and promotional work can replace a truly good book. So make sure that you write the best book possible. Take your time with the writing process. Don’t rush the process and take the time to have your book edited. Do a fact-check on every aspect of your book because errors have a way of dissuading readers from reading your book. All in all, good book promotion will always come down to how good your book is.


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