Indie Publishing: Follow these Great Tips to Gain Superfans!

Being an indie author you would know how important your fan base really is. Having a fan base gives you a strong foundation to promote and market your book. It also gives you the chance to expand your influence to other demographics and increase your book’s chances of getting even more fans. But a fan base can be a fickle one and they can easily lose interest in your book if they grow tired of it. This is why it is very important that you are able to create super fans of your fans. Super fans are fans that have an emotional connection with your writing. They are the fans that will stay with your work even if people will say your work is no longer relevant. These are the fans that will buy your work without reading reviews on it. This is why you should cultivate a relationship with these amazing fans. Here are some great tips on how you can get super fans.

  1. Cultivate a likeable persona

If you want to have a super fan base, you should show that you are worthy of them. Which is why you should try to cultivate a persona that they will like. This does not mean that you pretend to be someone that you are not. It just means that you should show that you are worthy of their fandom. You can do this by showing how passionate you are with your work. That you are not just doing this for the money but the love for the written word.

It is also a good idea to keep in contact with your fan base as much as possible. You can do so through your author website or your blog site. Answer their questions promptly and with detail. This will show them that you are truly in tune with your work and you value their support. It is also a good idea to answer fan mail promptly and help your fans by obliging them with reviews on their work. Being an indie author you would know how difficult it is to start out in your writing career. They will appreciate your help and this will surely help your fan base grow stronger.

  1. Make your book attractive

Fans are a fickle lot and their fandom could depend on how attractive your book looks. This is why you should really make your book as attractive as possible. And seeing as you are an indie writer you have all the freedom in the world to make your book cover truly great. Take care that you make your book cover look as professionally made as possible.

Potential fans can see if the book cover was made by an amateur at first glance and this will most likely turn them off from your book. It is advisable that you get professional help for this aspect of the book publishing process. But if you do have the skills to make your own book cover it is always good to use neutral colors and avoid offensively bright colors. It is also advisable that you don’ use too many images and have a more minimalistic outlook on your book cover design.

  1. Have your book edited professionally

Nothing scares a fan off faster than a shabbily edited book. Fans are very picky when it comes to book editing. And all it takes are a few grammar lapses and misspelled words to have them label your work as sub-par and move on to the nest book. So do yourself a favor and have your book edited professionally. It can be a bit expensive, but you owe it to your fans to make the effort of making your book as perfect as possible.

  1. Book Description

When it comes to making a fan base it is always a good idea to pay attention to every aspect of your book. This includes the book description part of your book. In many ways this short description is the very first thing that your readers will read of your book. So you should make it as enticing and informative as possible.

  1. Make your writing truly memorable

As an indie writer you will know how difficult it is promote or market a book. It is also quite difficult to keep a reader’s attention. This is why of all the factors in keeping a fan base, the most important is the quality of your writing. No matter how good your book cover is, no matter how great your author persona is, if your book is sub-par then all your effort will be all for naught. So when you write your book, do your very best. Never take it easy on any part of your book. Try to make your book as memorable as possible. All in all the quality of your writing is what will make readers true fans.

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