5 Reasons Why You should have your Children’s Book Self-published!

Writing a children’s book is a truly worthy and enjoyable experience. But it is easier to write a book than to have it published. This is especially true for authors who want to have their books traditionally published.  This is because it is notoriously difficult to get a publishing contract with a traditional publishing house. But traditional publishing is not your only option. With the rise of services such as print on demand you can now self-publish your children’s book and not have to spend a fortune doing it. Here are some great reasons why you should have your children’s book self-published.

  • You have full creative control

One of the setbacks of traditional publishing, is the fact that you will have to give up a majority of creative control over to the publishing house. If there is something about your book that the publishers deem to be unacceptable, they have the right to change it. This of course is especially difficult for a children’s book, because every aspect of the plot is immensely important for the story. From the smallest detail the author should always be in control. Which is why it is a good idea to self-publish your children’s book. Through self-publishing you will retain full control of the writing process.

  • You will be able to speed up the publishing process

One of the most annoying things about traditional publishing, is the fact that it takes a great deal of time to have your book published. There are various factors that will always delay the publishing process. But with self-publishing, the speed of the publishing process will all be up to you. You will be in full control of your publishing schedule. You will no longer have to wait for a traditional publisher’s go sign in order to have your book published at the best time possible. Just be careful that you fully know how to self-publish children’s book because if you speed up the process without fully understanding it, you will make a lot of mistakes and waste time and fully money in the process. So before you even set out on having your book self-published you should already know how to self-publish children’s book efficiently.

  • You will be able to promote the book your way

Traditionally published authors usually don’t have a say on how their books are promoted. The publishing house usually takes the lead when it comes to the book promotion process. But if you choose to self-publish your book, you are given sole responsibility on how you self-publish your children’s book. This includes the promotion phase. Now you can fully choose how you want to promote your book, without any interruption from other parties. You can now be as creative and innovative as possible.

  • Technology has made the self-publishing process so much more efficient

Years ago having your book self-published was so much more difficult and expensive. You had to have access to a printing machine and had to finance the book printing with own money. This would have cost you a fortune and there is really no guarantee that you will sell your books right away. Which would mean that you had to find adequate storage for your books, or risk the chance of it getting damaged in the process. But with the new technology such as the print on demand service, you can now effectively print your book at your own leisure. This means that you do not need to print out a huge number of books. You can just wait for readers to buy your book then you can have it printed. This will save you from having to store your books and running the risk of having them damaged. You are also blessed with a near limitless source of information on the internet. This will allow you to research on how to self-publish your children’s book in the most efficient and effective way possible.

  • You can choose your preferred illustrators and book cover design

One of the best things about self-publishing your children’s book is that you have the option to choose your own illustrators and book designers. Whereas with some traditional publishing houses you will have to be content with their staff of illustrators and designers. Being able to choose your preferred illustrators and designers you are given the chance to achieve your artistic vision for your book. Just be sure that you don’t go over budget, because these specialized services can be expensive.

All in all having your children’s book self-published is a great publishing option and has its own advantages and disadvantages.  The important thing to remember is that you know how to self-publish your children’s book and work as hard as possible to succeed. Knowing how to self-publish your children’s book means that you have a plan and can stick to it. And working hard means that you will do everything it takes to succeed in your chosen endeavor.

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