Self-Publishing Tips for Launching Your First Radio Interview!

Being a self-publishing author you would know how difficult it is to promote your book. Not only is it difficult to find the right advertising medium, it is also quite expensive and not everyone can afford to take chances when it comes to book promoting. Which is why getting a slot to talk about your book in a radio interview is a big deal. And it should never ever be wasted. Sadly though not all self-publishing authors know how to effectively traverse the land mine that is a radio interview. Which is why you should have a fool proof plan on what to say and on what part of your book you should expound. Here are some great tips on how to ace a radio interview.

  • Preparation is key

Before anything else you should be as ready as possible. Make notes on the possible questions that the interviewer would ask. You should make a list and then answer them beforehand. That way you will already have an idea on how you would answer their questions. But don’t get too reliant on your answers. Being too reliant on your list of answers will make your interview sound too contrived and fake. Being too reliant may also have you flustered if you get a question that you did not prepare for. So when you do prepare for the interview, you should be prepared but also be as spontaneous as possible.

  • Rehearse beforehand

It is imperative that you rehearse before the interview. There have been many interviews that have failed miserably, because the interviewee got tongue tied and cannot answer the questions effectively. So before you do the interview, you should rehearse. It quite easy, all you really need to do is have someone read questions to you and you will answer them to the best of your abilities. That way you will find out if you need to tweak anything with your responses. It is advisable that you record your rehearsal. That way you can see what your voice sounds like during the interview.

  • Know the full details of your interview

Once you get the slot for the interview you should make sure that you know every aspect of your interview’s schedule. What time will the interview be held? Where will it be held? How long would it last? Are there any other guests aside from you? Should you read a selected excerpt from your book? These are some of the questions you should be able to answer if you want to fully be prepared for your interview.

It would also be very useful to know the types of equipment being used during the interview. Your voice may sound differently through some of the microphones. And some kinds of recording equipment are very sensitive and may cause distractions during the interview. Thus it is advisable that you go to the studio earlier than usual to get acclimated and make necessary changes if needed.

  • Relax and enjoy the experience

For a self-publishing author getting a chance like a radio interview is a really big deal. Which is why you should relax and enjoy the experience. If you go into the interview nervous, it will be evident to listeners that you are nervous. So you should tell yourself that you are ready. Don’t pressure yourself to be too eloquent. Just answer the questions in your own pace. Remember that no one is pressuring you .You have already prepared yourself for the interview. You have done everything you can possibly do. So just sit back and enjoy the ride.

  • Review the interview

Afterwards you would of course want to know how well you did.  Take the time to talk with the hosts and thank them for the opportunity to talk about your book. Being a self-publishing author chances like these are very hard to come by, so review the interview and be thankful for the opportunity.

Of course getting the chance to be in a radio interview does not have to be too difficult. There are now self-publishing companies that offer radio interview services to self-publishing authors.  One great example is BookVenture’s Radio Interview service that features a 15 minute interview with renowned radio host Ric Bratton.

Book Interviews are very effective and will get your book the promotion it needs.  Hopefully with these tips you will ace your radio interview and be on the way to literary success.

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