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How to sell your Book as a Self-published Author!

If you are a self-published author you would know how difficult it is to promote a book. Promoting a book takes a great deal of money, and as a self-published author you would most likely not have that much money on hand. Which is why you should find a way to effectively promote your book without having to spend a fortune. What you truly need is a more systematic approach to the book promotion process. A way to use what you have on hand and to fully maximize its use. Here are highly effective tips on how to sell your book as a self-published author.

  • Create a good reputation for yourself as a writer

Before you even think of writing a book you should already make a reputation for yourself as a writer. That way once you do release your book, you will already have a thriving fan base eagerly awaiting your book. The good thing about this is the fact that being a self-published author does not put you at a disadvantage. You can create a fan base for yourself without having to spend a great deal of money. All you really need is to be hard working and resourceful. You can enhance your reputation by writing for various publications that are related to your chosen genre. Thus if you are writing a historical fiction book, then you should also write for online publications that deals in historical fiction. You can also create short stories and post them through your Facebook account or blog site. You can also contribute to the multitude of genre related sites. Your main intent here is to show your fellow authors and prospective fans that you are worthy of being followed and that your book is worthy of being read.

  • Have a great author platform

Any worthy endeavor should be done from a place of strength. Which is why as a self-published author, you should have a base of operations from which to promote your book. That way you can promote your book without having to spend a fortune on traditional book promotion. One of the most effective forms of author platform nowadays are blog sites. Through blog sites you can promote your book any way you want. You can post excerpts of your book to entice readers, you can also post other articles and even hold online events through your blog site. You can also create book trailers for your book and post it through your blog site. Aside from promoting your book you can also sell your books and other merchandise through your blog site. All in all having a blog site of your own will help your book promotion campaign a great deal.

  • Utilize Social Media

When it comes to book promotion, social media is the great equalizer. This is because it is as effective for both traditionally published authors and self-published authors. Through social media you can conduct a book promotion campaign that is both effective and cost efficient. The best social media site to use nowadays is Facebook because technically everyone uses it. Thus posting advertisements of your book through Facebook grants you a near limitless chance of reaching ou to potential fans. Even better is the added advantage of using your Facebook friend’s accounts to double your book promotion range. Aside from Facebook you can also use other well-known social media sites such as Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. Remember that the success of your social media campaign will depend on how much time you put into it and how well planned out it really is.

  • Utilize book reviews in your book promotion campaign

Book reviews have been in the literary scene, and to this day is still considered a relevant book promotion tool. This is because book reviews are a constant source for fans on whether a book is good or not. In a way book reviews can be considered as a form of social justification to read a book. This is why, you should do your best to get as many good reviews as you can. It is also important that your book reviewer is well known or has a good reputation, because the more prestigious the book reviewer the more effective your book campaign will be.

  • Create great content

Of all the factors in book promotion success, the most important is to create a truly great book. You can have the best book promotion money can buy, but if your book is not up to scratch, then all the book promotion in the world can’t help you. So as early as the writing process, make sure that you give it your all and write the best book possible. You will be surprised at how effective it will be.




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