Easy to follow Social media tips for Self-publishing Authors!

In this day and age book promotion has changed a great deal. Back in the day, you had to invest a great deal of money in order to fully promote your book. You had to have connections and a marketing team to reach your book promotion potential. It was especially difficult for self-publishing authors because they had to finance the book promotion campaign themselves. Which is why being a self-published author today is so much more easy and affordable. Social media marketing is now at the forefront of book promotion, and a multitude of authors are turning to social media marketing. This is because social media is easier to learn and do. What with the huge number of social media tips and resources all over the internet. With the many book promotion advantages that social media gives you nowadays, you can fully promote your book in the most cost effective and efficient ways possible. Here are some easy to follow social media tips for self-publishing authors.

  • Know your target market

Before you even set out on your book promotion campaign you should know who your target market is. That way you can pattern your social media campaign on their likes and dislikes. The first thing you should do is that you pattern your social media campaign on your chosen genre. If your chosen genre is historical fiction then you should reach out to a target market that is interested in the genre. That way you will enhance your chances of selling your book tenfold. By knowing your target market you will also not be wasting energy on other markets and focus solely on a more hospitable one.

  • Supplement your social media marketing with an author blog

If you want to fully reach your book promotion potential it is a good idea to create your very own author blog. By having an author blog you will be able to posts advertisements of your book and your other works. This will allow you to make an impact with your potential fan base and keep in contact with them in the long run. Think of your blog site as the staging point from where you will launch your book promotion campaign and even sell your books. Overall having an author blog is a great way to enhance your book promotion capabilities.

  • Facebook is key

One social media tip that you should remember is that Facebook is key if you want to promote your book effectively. This is because Facebook is by far the most widely used social media site in existence. Almost everyone in the world has an account in Facebook, and you should use this to your advantage. Make an impact with readers by advertising your book through your Facebook account. You can also double your social media marketing by advertising your book through your Facebook friend’s accounts. This will help ensure your book’s success by giving your book more online exposure. The best thing about using Facebook for your social media campaign is that it is relatively inexpensive compared to other advertising forms. Which makes it a perfect social media marketing tool to start with.

  • Tweet about your book

Aside from using Facebook another great social media tip is to Tweet about your book a great deal. Twitter is a very potent social media tool because it gives you the chance to constantly keep your book in the public eye. One thing you should remember when using Twitter, is that you have to work at it a bit. You need to regularly Tweet so that you will stay in the loop. You should also remember to take a more conversational tone when using Twitter because Tweets are perceived as a more intimate form of social media communication. So whenever you tweet always remember to tweet as if you are talking to friends.

  • Use Hashtags wisely

The hashtag is a true marvel if you think about it. It is a very simple tool wherein it helps make it easier for people to find specific messages and themes. But for indie authors the hashtag is a fool proof and easy to use way to give their book the social media exposure it needs. But before you go out and put it on practically everything it is a good idea to remember that hashtags should only be used when it is needed. Only use it on something worthwhile, because if you use it on all your tweets then the relevance of the hashtag will dramatically go down.

  • Be consistent

When it comes to social media, one the best social media tips you can get is to be consistent with your social media campaign. This is because social media marketing can be quite temperamental. And if you don’t create enough of a buzz, then your potential readers may lose interest halfway. So always remember that consistency is the key to effective social media marketing.


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